We need more diverse books!

I’ve gotten a few negative comments about having written LGBT characters into my books. If I’m honest I guess I wasn’t surprised. Without spoiling too much, the main character, Kayleigh, has a diverse group of friends, including a gay male and a trans female. She also has a Jewish friend and a Chinese friend, and she herself is half Hispanic. … Read More

Have you ever been bullied?

I’ll admit that I was bullied in the fifth grade. I had just moved from upstate NY down to Maryland, and my clothes, accent, and vocabulary were different enough I got noticed. And not in a good way. The girl made fun of me every day, called attention to my giant suitcase-like book bag, my jogging pants, and my kitty … Read More

Dream Big, Plan Small

Often we dream about changing something in our lives. “I want to lose ten pounds,” “I want more friends,” “I want to improve my math grade.” The problem usually is that we are impatient. (I know I am!) We want what we want when we want it, and are not willing to wait and put in the hard work. When we focus just on … Read More

Teens Only

This section of the site is for teens only. More posts are on the way.