Private Seminars

Ideal for organizations, parent groups, and schools across the country. A few openings for Dr. Sam to deliver these digital seminars LIVE are currently available. Book now before the openings are gone.

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Anxiety and Elementary School

ā€œIā€™m the worst kid EVER!ā€

Having a child with anxiety can be frustrating and concerning. In this small group seminar, we will discuss the signs of childhood anxiety, treatments available, and what parents can do to support their child at home.


Introduction to Sports Psychology 

Calling all high school athletes & parents! Learn about how sports psychology can sharpen your mental game and give you an advantage on the field. We will discuss common challenges and explore techniques to hone your skills. 


Social Communication and your Teen with ASD

This small-group seminar focuses on essential social communication skills teens with ASD need to master, such as pre-language skills, asking for help, and self-advocating. Parents will learn how to take advantage of daily opportunities to improve social communication and how to collaborate with high school staff.